What is PIN Data?

PIN Data is a subscription-based, blockchain-supported hashed-data system. PIN Data securely stores your project’s sensitive documents on the blockchain - the technology empowering us at PIN to help our business clients to do so much more than just accept cryptocurrency payments. Trustless hashed data storage provides a 100% privacy model, unlike cloud-based and encryption models which require document contents to be exposed as part of the transmission process.

PIN Data is the perfect solution to prevent all too common ransomware attacks and data breaches occurring globally today. A simple, blockchain-leveraged hashed data solution can be the enhancement that helps your business or project save millions in avoidable losses. PIN - more than just a blockchain payment gateway - has developed this state-of-the-art technology to keep your data as safe as possible in this digitally advanced world. PIN Data stores your company’s entire business data history via hashed versions of files - that are useless to any bad actors in the event of interception. Hashed data formats can only be decrypted using PIN Data.

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How does it work and is my business, project or website eligible for PIN Data?

If you have data that needs to be stored securely, then yes! Your business is eligible for PIN Data as it’s data storage solution. A member of our commercial team will contact all submitted inquiries to assess your unique storage requirements.

Businesses who are enrolled in PIN Rewards or other PIN Solutions, will be able to access all parts of the PIN ecosystem from a single location via the PIN Network App, currently in development. Information on the Network App can be found in the details of our whitepaper.

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Do I/we need to be a PIN holder to incorporate PIN Data?

While many of our PIN Rewards and PIN Payments clients are $PIN holders, you do not need to hold $PIN in order to be a PIN Data subscriber. A part of the subscription price is used to buyback PIN tokens and enhance price. Since everything in the PIN ecosystem comes together to benefit the token, our clients can also benefit as PIN token holders.

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Why should my business incorporate PIN Data??

PIN Data blockchain-powered, hashed-data solution provides benefits to our clients which advances them beyond the limitations of cloud-based data storage alternatives:

  • Less storage space needed for hashed data.
  • High security due to utilized blockchain security.
  • Inexpensive option relative to increased security.
  • Data never accessed by others, so 100% privacy.
  • Helps company stay current and tech-savvy for customers.
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Are you ready for advanced data privacy and security?

PIN Data is the solution your business or organization needs to help keep your data safe and intact, without compromising integrity or privacy!