What are PIN Rewards?

PIN Rewards is an attractive upgrade to traditional Loyalty and Rewards models. PIN Rewards helps your business or website stand out by rewarding customers and users with cryptocurrency. $PIN has real value and can be used in more ways than inflexible in-store points, that constrict the user to redeeming those rewards in a certain manner - monopolized with that merchant specifically. PIN Rewards provides greater reward-redemption and spending capabilities, whilst also driving customer/user spend to gain larger rewards.

Businesses and websites that use PIN Payments will benefit from a unified system, integrating rewards and payments available to our clients who decide to use PIN’s very own blockchain payment gateway - to accept crypto payments for their products and services. Customers receive their rewards automatically!

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How does PIN Rewards work?

For retail business owners and their customers, $PIN Tokens are given as rewards to purchasing customers at the time of checkout. In store customers can use any accepted payment method, including fiat. Upon purchase, customers scan their receipt in order to receive their PIN rewards. This model will be advanced forward upon the future completion of our digital payment system, upon which time QR codes will make way for automatic rewards. Merchants who use PIN Payments to enable their customers to pay with crypto online benefit reciprocally, as rewards are automatically sent to customers’ crypto wallets.

For website owners and their users, when a user posts, comments or engages with the website in some other way, upon completion, are prompted to claim their $PIN rewards thereafter. Seamless integration also allows for PIN Rewards to be used as payment for website subscriptions or purchases!

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Is my business, project or website eligible for PIN Rewards?

Great news - Most businesses and websites are eligible for PIN Rewards! If your business or website has consistent traffic, volume, or is growing it, we can help you with a rewards system that can help move you ahead of your competitors. Simply complete an enquiry form to express your interest, and our commercial team will contact the founder or key decision maker of the project for further information.

Approved businesses and websites will be analyzed to determine volume and $PIN needed for weekly distribution. The distribution process is automated to make it simple for owners to manage. Our team uses the analyzed data to determine the rewards allocation. Once the amount is determined, we begin sending weekly airdrops of $PIN for rewards distribution. Our unique GURT (Give, Users, Rewards, Tokens) system allows for this automation, removing the hassle from business and website owners!

Do I/we need to be a PIN holder to incorporate PIN Rewards?

The short answer is no. PIN Rewards are distributed to all approved business and website owners for customers and the businesses themselves. This means if the approved business or website owner is not already a PIN Token holder, they can be soon after!

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What are the benefits of PIN Rewards?

PIN Rewards are given to approved businesses and website owners, to give to their customers or users. The $PIN received can be used to provide greater rewards capabilities to both owners and users. $PIN Rewards can be:

  • Hold for more $PIN. All $PIN holders receive $PIN Reflections.
  • Used at the merchant or website, or other PIN merchant or website locations.
  • Used for subscriptions on websites in the PIN website and merchant network.
  • Traded for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Traded for fiat and cashed out or saved.
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Isn’t it time to give your customers the rewards they want?

PIN Rewards is an innovation that can dramatically increase your business or website’s engagement. An effective rewards scheme can be used to reward existing customers, whilst also enticing new users to gain greater rewards and thus drive spend. Future-proof your business today, and gain greater rewards, payments and data capabilities with PIN!