How does PIN benefit users?

PIN strives to create a rewarding experience for users in a number of ways. As we create a more valuable rewards experience, we are intentional to offer PIN customers and users high valued cryptocurrency with a variety of different uses and potentials.

PIN payments rewards users with $PIN Tokens for product and service purchases, website use and subscriptions. PIN rewards are also received by token holders in the way of reflections. PIN rewards are earned by customers for shopping with PIN merchants and ecommerce retailers, while website users earn PIN for engaging with or posting on PIN affiliated websites

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies will be sent through PIN payments, for which PIN users get rewarded with when interacting with a PIN commercial network member. Our system allows PIN payments users to not only send, but deposit crypto by way of PIN rewards. We continue to mine and adopt new and different ways to offer a rewards system that gives truly valuable cryptocurrency rewards to merchants, customers and website users.

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What are PIN rewards?

Information is the key to accessing benefits available within any system. PIN was established to innovate the outdated loyalty and rewards programs. PIN Rewards fuels that effort in pursuit to actualize our mission. Our native cryptocurrency - $PIN - is awarded to all customers and retailers for their participation in the sales process within the PIN partner network.

Whenever a customer goes to buy products or services, $PIN is rewarded. In similar fashion we reward website owners and their users for engaging with the site or posting content. Each ecommerce site in the PIN partner network also rewards online shoppers who buy products from their online marketplace. We believe everyone should be rewarded in business-customer interactions, so PIN Rewards was designed to do just that.

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$PIN Token Holders

PIN Rewards are also earned by PIN Token holders. A percentage of all transactions throughout the PIN ecosystem are redistributed to holders. All of our services like PIN Payments and PIN Data, drive transaction volume for our ecosystem, and we share them with our holders through PIN reflections. Our all-inclusive rewards system truly covers everyone involved with a more useful reward - cryptocurrency.

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The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency payments

Payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital coins on a blockchain network, have been consistently on the rise. Just a few years ago it was strange to be able to pay with crypto online, but currently over 1.5 million daily transactions are performed between Ethereum and Bitcoin alone. Ethereum, along with its forks, has been considered by some to be the fastest growing crypto. The 1 million plus transactions daily provide a metric to substantiate the claim. Irrespective of which type, people buy, sell and send crypto 24 hours a day for personal and business-related matters. Crypto payments are accepted for products and services globally, and have been added to major platforms like online payments industry-leader - PayPal.

With a total market capitalization greater than $2 trillion, the global cryptocurrency market has, within it, enough volume to draw the attention of the world’s largest banks and payment processors - a feat that has already been accomplished. PIN has built an ecosystem which allows everyone to win within the growing blockchain-integrated world in which we live. Anyone can earn PIN Rewards by engaging with PIN partner websites, by purchasing products or services, or doing other common practices. Our goal at PIN is to offer a truly valuable rewards proposition. PIN Rewards is the system we developed to meet that goal.

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Use PIN rewards to pay with crypto online, hold, swap or cash out

PIN Rewards is a better rewards and loyalty system because we give customers and online users cryptocurrency rewards, whether for engaging or purchasing products or services. PIN Rewards recipients can use the real-world value of $PIN crypto rewards in a number of beneficial ways, as the rewards system was developed to give rewards recipients the ultimate flexibility in redemption.

The interoperability of the $PIN token allows holders to redeem their rewards with any physical business or online PIN commercial partner. Businesses and websites who are in the PIN ecosystem also accept PIN for payment, making them transferable, but without the need to exchange, thereby giving users greater value and less hassle for rewards.

Cryptocurrency rewards in $PIN are interchangeable and flexible, giving them a range of possibilities. We have created options which allow a fluid redemption process with interchangeability of rewards. The potentials are bountiful with PIN rewards in your crypto wallet.

  • Hold for $PIN holder reflections.
  • Trade for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Trade for fiat currency.
  • Use to pay for online subscriptions on partner websites.
  • Use to buy products or services from PIN partner websites.

PIN gives customers and website users rewards with flexible options! We wanted to make sure the rewards system was as clear as possible. The PIN way of rewards puts something that has tangible, monetary value, in the possession of businesses, end users and customers within the ecosystem. We are pleased to give all interacting parties valuable, flexible rewards that they can use to buy other products, subscriptions, trade or cash out.

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Do I need to be on a crypto exchange to trade $PIN?

For customers and website users rewarded in $PIN, who wish to exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat - Yes. Those PIN rewards recipients will need to use a DEX or CEX in order to swap their $PIN for other cryptocurrencies or cash. The $PIN token is on the Binance Smart Chain - listed on Pancake Swap. The rewards reception process is simple and largely automated.

PIN makes it easy to receive the rewards, and store them in your digital currency wallet. Customers and website users interacting with any site or ecommerce retailer utilising the PIN Payments system, will receive rewards automatically to their wallets. We have plans in development to release our own swap, which will also be equipped with a multi-chain bridge to allow interoperation with ERC-20 and other blockchain networks outside of binance smart chain. More information will be shared as we get further into development.

Do I need to manage my PIN rewards?

Most of the Rewards process is automated for ease of use. PIN Rewards retailers and websites are official PIN commercial partners who go through a stepwise process to ensure all requirements are in place for a seamless process of integrating that internet-based or physical business into the PIN partner ecosystem. Once that is done, it’s made simple for website visitors and retail customers.

When in-store products and services are purchased with cash, card or crypto, Online users of any PIN partner site receive a prompt upon completing tasks that offer rewards. Once the task is completed and prompt answered, the website user is then able to receive the designated PIN rewards to their crypto wallet.

Can I access my rewards in an app?

While PIN does not currently have an app live to preview your rewards on, it’s coming! We have already begun designs to develop the PIN Network app which will bring together all of the adjoining branches and services available on the PIN network, in one smooth app platform.

The PIN network app will feature all of the PIN favorites. User-specific information will be accessible, and PIN Solutions - PIN Rewards, PIN Payments and PIN Data will all have portals of their own on the PIN Network app, along with other features currently in the developmental phase.

How do I send crypto with PIN?

Sending crypto through PIN is made possible through our layer 2 payment gateway solution. Users can send crypto through the PIN payments gateway seamlessly, for personal or business-related matters. There are a number of benefits to using PIN payments for your cryptocurrency sending and receiving needs.

It may be surprising to learn that despite blockchain and crypto payments having seen tremendous growth in share of total global transaction volume, fees have largely not become more competitive. PIN changes that. While our layer 2 solution allows us to eliminate gas completely, there are also other perks to using PIN payments for your crypto payment platform.

  • Zero gas fees.
  • Fast transactions.
  • Secure network.
  • Creates more PIN rewards for using
  • Low transaction costs
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How do I start earning PIN Rewards?

There are a variety of ways in which PIN users and holders can earn rewards. Purchasing products or services, interacting on any partner site, posting, and holding $PIN. The simplest way to begin earning PIN Rewards would be as a holder. Holders receive reflections from all of the volume going on throughout the network.

Other than holding, PIN commercial partners are the outlets that make PIN rewards accessible to their patrons and supporters. Our partner list will be updated as we continue to build into the future with utilities that will expand the PIN network out even further. That way customers can be clear on exactly which online and physical retailers offer goods and services with PIN rewards.

PIN Rewards are a new, flexible and versatile reward. Cryptocurrency rewards can be used in so many beneficial ways. The easiest way to begin earning PIN rewards is by becoming a $PIN holder and using PIN commercial products and services providers and merchants as they continue to be added and announced