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A logo for Cryptocurrency.org.nz of a metal fist with a plant growing around it and a digital background. It reads "Cryptocurrency NZ, Community & Education, established 2020"

Cryptocurrency NZ is a New Zealand grassroots crypto community organization and guide powering the physical and digital social infrastructure of NZ’s crypto revolution.

They’re the guardians of Aotearoa’s largest crypto Facebook, Reddit, Discord and Meetup groups – home to 50,000+ Kiwi crypto enthusiasts. They run monthly DeFi Meetups across 12 of New Zealand’s cities, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and beyond. They’re also the fellas behind the NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace, NZ’s bedrock of P2P Kiwi crypto trading activity.

Their organization consists of 50,000+ members, 2 founders, 12 meetup hosts, and 15+ moderators. On the CNZ website, you’ll find portals to the corners of their community eco-system – as well the backbone of the Cryptocurrency NZ project; their ultra simplified step-by-step guide on how to get started with Bitcoin & crypto investing in New Zealand.