What is PIN?

PIN was developed with the goals in mind to reward website owners, retail outlets, and their users, by allowing users the ability to pay with crypto online and in-store, whilst providing loyalty points and rewards that benefit not just the website/business owners, but the whole community. PIN utilises layer 2 in order to provide an industry leading cryptocurrency payment processor - designed to eliminate gas.

PIN is a new decentralized cryptocurrency, allowing website users and retail customers to earn crypto by posting content or interacting with certain websites or retail stores that utilize PIN’s unique crypto payments, loyalty, or reward systems to reward their users in an exciting new way, and to allow for easy seamless transactional methods for users to buy subscriptions, website transactions, and in-store loyalty points.

Providing business owners interoperability with PIN solutions

PIN gives website owners and retail stores a unique way to reward their users which will set them a level above their competitor's sites and stores, bringing in thousands of new users and customers who want to earn crypto instead of receiving the traditional rewards or points that only offer status or goods, instead of hard-earned crypto for their time.

PIN Token has a unique tokenomics solution, allowing users to earn free tokens on partner websites and retail stores, a portion of the transaction fees is automatically redistributed to an owner’s pool to regenerate and supply PIN to website owners and retail stores at no cost.

A portion of the transaction fees is also redistributed to reward our holders of PIN for their loyalty by way of automatic reflections. PIN gives the power of blockchain to businesses and enterprises, whilst providing the ultimate crypto payment platform for users to engage with.

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How does it work?

Website owners and retailers can apply to PIN through our online application form. Our commercial team will review your application, and contact the business owner for more information.

If a website or business is approved our commercial team will then look at the website's analytics and throughput, or will judge the businesses potential customer base, to determine their portion of allocated PIN tokens that will be airdropped weekly to the owners, to then distribute to their users through PIN’s unique reward or loyalty system at no cost to the owners.

  • Step 1 - Website owner or retailer applies
  • Step 2 - PIN commercial team reviews the application in-line with website analytics or the businesses potential customer base.
  • Step 3 - Upon approval and integration of the crypto payment platform, a weekly airdrop is distributed to the owner - proportional to the website/business/retailers throughput or customer base
  • Step 4 - Users or customers earn $PIN tokens based on website interaction or in-store purchases.
  • Step 5 - Users or customers can then exchange $PIN for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, cash-out to fiat currency, or hold PINs to earn reflections and further rewards.

Apply to accept crypto payments today!

If a website or business applies for our crypto payment gateway, our commercial team will contact the website owner or business to start the vetting process. The business will be measured in terms of potential transaction volume, and viability within that industry specifically to accept crypto payments. Get payment gateway solutions tailored to your business or project.

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The Current Problems

The current system of forum and website reward systems does not allow owners to reward their loyal users for their personal time, spent posting content and interacting within their community. Reputation rewards are currently awarded to a user’s profile which gives them status and respect within their community.

Loyalty systems have fallen behind the times and have become old and boring, PIN Loyalty plans to give the whole loyalty system an exciting new overhaul. Everyday transaction usage such as credit cards, payment gateways, and banks themselves - charge large transaction fees and interest. In terms of blockchain, no developments look any closer to making bitcoin payments any more viable, so an alternative must be sought to bridge blockchain and the traditional world - as detailed in our whitepaper.

PIN Solutions

Our interoperable product suite is designed to help any entity or user solve a number of problems including within payments, data management, and rewards sectors. From month-by-month hashed-data plans, to an enterprise blockchain gateway - PIN has you covered!

PIN Payments - Allow customers to buy with crypto

Our cryptocurrency payment processor utilises the best of layer 2 technology, allowing businesses to free themselves from the shackles of traditional PoS systems and debit/credit card transactions. PIN Payments allows businesses to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB & PIN - all gas-free. Get your business into the crypto-sphere and start opening up the world of digital payments, through your very own blockchain payment gateway.

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PIN Data - A hackerproof alternative to data storage

Cyber security is one of the biggest issues at present within digital. Traditional data storage systems are becoming obsolete, as more businesses, health boards and governmental organizations suffer security breaches - usually resulting in thefts and in turn - ransoms for returning the data. If the ransom isn’t paid, the data is dumped on a leak site. PIN Data eradicates this data ransom scenario, by encrypting text in the form of hashed data. This data is then impossible to decipher without PIN Data, providing total privacy - yet ease of use.

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PIN Rewards - Utilising the best of reflections to reward loyal customers

Current rewards systems within the traditional world monopolise a user with that particular merchant for a reward amount, typically with stipulation as to where it can be spent, and how. PIN Rewards hands back the power of rewards to the users claiming them, whilst allowing business and project owners to utilise attractive reward schemes and drive further spend.

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Get the PIN competitive edge


Website Owners

  • Accept payments on your website with our blockchain payment gateway, without having to depend on unfair merchant practices. Receive BNB, and exchange the payments you receive in BNB for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum.

Transparent, Decentralized Network

  • Leveraging the Binance Smart Chain, we provide the same level of security and transparency to both our data and cryptocurrency payment solutions.

End Users

  • Earn rewards for valuable time you already spend on your favourite websites.
  • Support your favourite websites in the process.
  • Earn passive income.


  • Cash out to BNB instantly.
  • Exchange your BNB to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, PIN - or simply cash-out via a crypto wallet exchange.

Our Team

PIN Token is led by a team that has multi-industry experience in scaling successful businesses.



PIN-Founder / Operating Officer

Craig has over 22 years of experience in the aviation sector, with over 10,000 flight hours as a Captain flying large commercial aircraft. Specialising in flight training, he has set up aviation training companies throughout the world while acting as CEO, Director, and Share Holder. Craig has also been contracting to a high-end flight simulator company since 2009, with the position of Head of Flight Simulator Testing and Development. Joining the crypto space a few years ago as an investor, miner, and day trader, the next step in his journey is the development and progression as COO of Pay It Now (PIN) Token.



PIN-Founder / Head Developer

Jitendra is a web developer and a former airline pilot. He has been working in the web development sector for the past 17 years and has worked on major projects leading groups of developers, as well as working alone on projects, ranging from 1 month to 2 years. Jit is also involved in freelance software quality assurance for an open-source forum software for over 18 years. Jit has been in the crypto space since earlt 2014, and is currently a crypto investor and miner and the CEO of PayitNow