What fees apply to buying PIN tokens on the PIN network?

3rd party payment processing fees will apply: please see the Fees page for full details.

Transfers cannot occur directly between the PIN layer 2 and other networks like BSC. Tokens and Coins will need to be moved onto the PIN network using the bridge function in the app.

Yes, you can move any of your tokens from our layer 2 solution to a wallet address using the Unbridge function in the app.

The only gas fees you will have to pay are from the associated blockchain you are moving from. The PIN Network does not charge gas, but a charge of $0.40 USD per bridge transaction will apply.

There is a 4% unbridging fee charged when moving assets off the PIN network. For more information on network fees please see the Fees page.

Currently the only supported tokens are PIN, Pye, BNB & BUSD. More tokens will be made available for bridging in the app’s first major update, coming *DATE????*.

Blockchain requires transactions to be approved over the network. Each transaction adds data to the blockchain using a unique digital signature called a hash. The recording of every blockchain transaction across all participating computer systems provides unmatched security as an attempt to alter a hash would no longer match the record on the rest of the network and be denied.

Blockchain provides multiple benefits, from security to near-instantaneous transactions under the correct application. Blockchain allows merchants to instantly receive customer payments without using a third party; this means more profit is realised as fees are much lower.

Cryptocurrency payments are instantly converted into the selected local currency to avoid the volatility of the crypto market.

PIN Payment requires minimal set-up. Once merchants have applied online, the only equipment required is a device to share QR codes with customers, such as a phone or tablet.

PIN can integrate with almost any website through a custom coded script uploaded to your website’s route folder for our website owners. Our team will provide the necessary instructions and support.

PIN can be integrated with most accounting software for our businesses that issue invoices using a custom URL that can be added to your electronic invoice.

A warning email will be received when your PIN balance is running low and which will allow your business the option of purchasing additional tokens to continue receiving rewards. Your required PIN balance will increase when more customers utilise your new reward service.

The PIN Network allows for refunds through the PIN Network, which will be agreed upon between the retailer and the customer. PIN will not facilitate chargebacks requested by the customer.

A cash-out transfer will be agreed upon between the business and PIN, based on a weekly, monthly, or minimum amount agreement. The local digital currency accumulated in your wallet will be transferred to fiat money value and deposited directly into your bank account.

The number of PIN tokens you have to reward your customers is dependent on the amount you have staked to earn those rewards or the amount agreed upon with the Pay as You Go option based on your company’s monthly revenue, selected crypto back percentage, and customer adoption chosen rate. To increase the number of tokens you have to give out, you will need to increase the amount you have staked or buy additional tokens with the Pay as You Go option.

The PIN Network accepts six audited mainstream cryptocurrencies, including PIN, BNB, ETH, BTC, and Matic.

PIN Payment is free to integrate into your business and requires no admin fees.

PIN has made the process of PIN Payment and Rewards simple and secure, which requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency. Our team is here to help make the process easy.