Standard merchant fees on all transactions:

  • 0.5% + GST

Merchant Cash out fees:

  • $1.00 NZD

End Users

Bridging onto the PIN Network:

  • Buying from Pancake Swap (PCS) incurs the standard 4% transactions fees and 60 cents NZD for gas fees
  • From your BSC wallet to bridge onto the PIN-Network the following fees apply: 40 cents USD

Un-Bridging from the PIN-Network:

  • 4% un-bridging fee to the BSC network

Buying PIN directly onto the PIN-Network:

Third-party payment provider fees between:

  • 4% un-bridging fee to the BSC network
  • Ramp 2.9% or a minimum of $4.10 NZD

Transfers Person to Person

  • 1% reflection fees (Reflected back to all holders)


The following staking APR and bonuses will apply on the PIN-Network:

  • 25% APR for 2 years + a 2 Year staking bonus (An additional 50% of your staked PIN's up to a maximum of 500,000 PIN's)
  • 16% APR for 1 year + 1 Year staking bonus (An additional 25% of your staked PIN's up to a maximum of 250,000 PIN's)
  • 10% APR for 6 months + 6 Months staking bonus (An additional 12.5% of your staked PIN's up to a maximum of 125,000 PIN's)

Your tokens will not be staked on an exchange; this will be in wallet staking and will earn you native PINs, not an exchange token like other staking in liquidity pools.

We will also offer compounding staking, which will allow you to re-stake your PIN staking rewards to build your staking bag and reward you with even more PINs

But best of all, you will also earn PIN token reflections while staking PIN tokens.


Breaking the duration terms of staking will be allowed; however, break fees will apply. (Difference in APR at time of breaking (agreed term - duration of staking), plus break fee at a fixed percentage of the staked amount at the base APR for one month, a 5% admin fee, and the loss of any completion bonuses).

Compounding during staking will reset your staking term back to zero.

Pay It Now (PIN) reserves the right to change, add, or delete any terms and conditions of PIN Staking.

Full terms and conditions will be published on the Pay It Now websites before staking being available.

PIN Partner (Merchant) Staking

Unless you access the PIN Network by paying the monthly access fee, you must participate in a merchant staking plan and provide a PIN Token Stake. The available merchant staking plans and the term for which they apply will be as stated by the PIN customer service team.

If your Account is closed prior to the end of your merchant staking plan, or you break your merchant staking plan early, Break Fees and an Administration Fee will apply and may be deducted for the purposes of clause 9.9. Each of these will be calculated as follows:

  • Break Fee = (A x B) + C
  • Where:
  • A = the number of PIN Tokens held in your staking plan
  • B = the break fee percentage stated on the Website (expressed as a decimal)
  • C = all of the additional PIN Tokens that were allocated to you in accordance with that merchant staking plan
  • Administration Fee = 0.05 x the number of PIN Tokens held in your staking plan