Standard merchant fees on all transactions:

  • 0.5% + GST

Merchant Cash out fees:

  • $1.00 NZD

End Users

Bridging onto the PIN Network:

  • Buying from Pancake Swap (PCS) incurs the standard 1% transactions fees
  • From your BSC wallet to bridge onto the PIN-Network the following fees apply: 1% Reflection Fees (Bridging 1000 PIN on the BSC will yeild 990 PIN tokens on the PIN Network)

Un-Bridging from the PIN-Network:

  • 4% un-bridging fee to the BSC network + 1% Reflection fee on the BSC

Buying PIN directly onto the PIN-Network:

Third-party payment provider fees between:

  • 4% un-bridging fee to the BSC network
  • Ramp 2.9% or a minimum of $4.10 NZD

Transfers Person to Person

  • 1% reflection fees (Reflected back to all holders)