PIN   Data

PIN Data is a subscription based system that securely stores data on the blockchain. PIN Data will introduce a new way to store customer information with ease. The future PIN utility is an innovation in data storage, utilizing hashed data, converted and securely stored on the blockchain.

PIN Data's Logo - a shield with the PIN logo in the center

The trustless blockchain system allows PIN Data to protect 100% of client data from possible ransomware attacks without breaching privacy. Ransomware attacks are occurring more frequently and costing companies more. PIN Data gives companies a way to safeguard against those avoidable losses.

PIN Data

Endless Use Cases

PIN Data, utilizing blockchain technology, offers a wide range of applications and use cases. Its hashed data storage capabilities allow you to secure your business for the future with its powerful and innovative technology.


Secure Data Storage

Store sensitive data securely using the power of blockchain technology


NFT Minting

Mint and store NFT’s on the PIN Network using PIN Data


Trustless System

Businesses have the ability to produce and distribute sensitive information securely