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PIN Network App

A woman holding her phone towards the camera, showing the PIN App on the screen.

The PIN Network mobile application is the primary way to interact with the PIN Network. Among the many useful features offered through the app, users can find options for making payments, earning rewards, and managing their digital wallets.

The PIN Network app allows users to make payments by scanning a unique QR code. Merchants have access to a simple yet powerful Point Of Sale system allowing in-person payment acceptance.

PIN Network App - User

PIN Users can use any of the cryptocurrencies they hold in the PIN App to purchase products and services from PIN merchants globally. PIN Users can move accepted cryptocurrencies into and out of the PIN App from most other crypto wallets. PIN Users can buy cryptocurrency in-app in PIN Tokens and then swap them for any of the other accepted cryptocurrencies without transaction fees on Layer 2.

PIN Network App - Business

The POS system is simple to navigate, providing merchants with an effortless way to accept crypto payments and streamline their sales process. A PIN Merchant can refund the user immediately using a QR Code shown on the users device or by using a transaction hash.Merchants have access to a simple reports function in app to get a quick overview of their sales, refunds and taxes.