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PIN Rewards

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PIN Rewards

Traditional loyalty programs give customers in-store loyalty points, which are only good for use with that site or retailer. PIN Rewards is unique in offering cryptocurrency in place of in-store rewards, opening up a variety of options for redemption. Once rewards are received in $PIN, several options exist.

  • They can be held as $PIN holders receive an accumulation bonus
  • $PIN crypto rewards can be traded for other cryptocurrencies
  • Exchanged for fiat currency.
  • Spent at our PIN Partner Stores

PIN Loyalty

PIN Loyalty allows retailers an easy method of providing their customers with cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for goods, changed to other cryptocurrencies, or even cashed out to fiat currency.

PIN Accumulation Bonus

PIN Accumulation Bonus is the built-in return system, rewarding PIN holders for transactions performed across the entire ecosystem simply by holding PIN in their PIN Network wallets.