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Pay It Now (PIN) has officially joined Polygon's Service Provider Network (SPN)

Explore, Connect, Build on the Polygon Network

We’re excited to announce that we have officially joined Polygon’s Service Provider Network (SPN) as a Payments Provider.

With the help of Polygon’s extensive global presence, state-of-the-art technology, and widespread exposure, developers and pioneers in the Web3 industry will now have the opportunity to access our revolutionary blockchain network, wallet, and digital payment system.

We believe our network will bring substantial value to both the Polygon Ecosystem and the SPN Network. Our platform goes beyond what traditional blockchain payment companies offer and carries very unique points of difference, such as having the ability to transact with both conventional currencies and digital cryptocurrency assets, coupled with our innovative ‘instant crypto to fiat’ conversion solution tailored for businesses. A major breakthrough that paves the way for mainstream retail adoption on a global scale.

What is the Polygon SPN?

The Solution Provider Network (SPN) serves as a valuable resource catering to developers and projects seeking assistance in the realm of Polygon-based development. Within this platform lies the opportunity to explore, establish connections with, and avail solutions from trusted Solution Providers. This empowers developers to direct their energies towards innovation, focusing on the creation of cutting-edge dApps within the Polygon ecosystem.

Developers often grapple with the challenge of acquiring the necessary tools and infrastructure for their projects. This can consume valuable time and resources. To tackle this issue, Polygon has undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of SPN, transforming it into a user-friendly platform that facilitates real-time connections between developers and solution providers.

SPN functions as a versatile resource, aiding developers in locating suitable solution providers for their projects across various Polygon chains, including Proof of Stake (PoS) and zkEVM (zkRollups). It furnishes each solution provider with a dedicated profile, streamlining the connection process. Solution providers can augment their visibility and credibility within the Polygon ecosystem by actively participating in diverse activities and earning badges.

The live Polygon Solution Provider Network now grants access to a roster of over 100 solution providers within the Polygon blockchain domain. This platform continues to evolve, committed to enhancing its ecosystem. The zkEVM Mainnet Beta upgrade is slated for launch in September 2023, heralding various improvements, including the integration of the latest Ethereum opcode, PUSH0.

The Polygon Service Provider Network

Learn More:

To learn more about the SPN Ecosystem or to find a Service Provider, visit https://ecosystem.polygon.technology/spn/

To learn more about Pay It Now’s migration to Polygon visit https://payitnow.io/on-the-move

If you’re a Polygon Service Provider or Ecosystem Developer and wish to connect, email us at [email protected] or visit our SPN Profile https://ecosystem.polygon.technology/15125135008/

About Polygon Labs:

Polygon Labs develops Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs engages with other ecosystem developers to help make available scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3. Polygon Labs has initially developed a growing suite of protocols for developers to gain easy access to major scaling solutions, including Layer 2s (zero-knowledge rollups), sidechains, app-specific chains and data availability protocols. Scaling solutions that Polygon Labs initially developed have seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized apps, unique addresses exceeding 350 million, 1.6 million smart contracts created and 3 billion total transactions processed since inception. The existing Polygon network is home for some of the biggest Web3 projects, such as Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and well-known enterprises, including Robinhood, Stripe and Adobe. Polygon Labs is carbon neutral with the goal of leading Web3 in becoming carbon negative.

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