PIN Payments


PIN QR is an easy way for any businesses to receive web3 payments by simply displaying a QR code for customers to scan and confirm on the PIN app.

Notify simplifies transaction verification for merchants by displaying a unique notification page with the last 20 transactions made to the merchant's account.

Ideal for...

Businesses who may not have a full PoS system

Mobile businesses and market stall holders

Businesses with high foot traffic who want added convenience

PIN QR Code POS Stand
QR Code Stand

QR stands are available to all PIN merchants and can be placed on any counter. Customers can scan the merchant’s QR and confirm payment in-app, providing a convenient alternative to POS integration or the use of the main account holder's mobile device.

PIN QR Code POS Stand
Notify – Powered by PIN

Each business is given a unique QR code on the back of their stand. When scanned by an employee, it leads to a notification page where the business can confirm the transaction's success.