What is PIN Payments?

PIN Payments is a newly-created payment integration that allows acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, with an elimination of gas fees. Through our in-house layer 2 solution, businesses and retailers can create their own blockchain payment gateway - to accept crypto payments for their products and services.

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How does PIN Payments work?

For retailers, business/website owners and their customers, PIN Payments gateway further extends payment options, allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrency. The PIN Payments gateway provides a secure blockchain payment solution, giving businesses and projects the ability to take their business to the blockchain - via layer 2 technology.

Provide your customer base the ability to pay with crypto online, utilising the PIN Payments gateway for a faster, more cost effective, blockchain-secured checkout. $PIN tokenomics allow for a portion of the transaction fees to be automatically distributed, for each individual transaction, directly to the business/website owner - at no additional cost. PIN Payments can be utilized to collect transaction fees in this manner, as layer 2 is gas-free - providing a “blank canvas” payment merchant model for owners to then build out their own fee matrix, whilst staying competitive.

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Is my business, project or website eligible for PIN Payments?

In short, yes! If you have a business that sees daily transaction volume, or has the potential to do so - we can help level up your payments acceptance game. Our commercial team will review EVERY application on a case-by-case basis, without prejudice, measuring your business against a variety of different factors. Subject to consensus of the business/website owner, the gateway can be further-enhanced to include PIN Rewards - to further incentivize loyal customers specific to your project.

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Do I/we need to be a PIN holder to incorporate PIN Payments?

PIN Payments is open to all applicants. Holding the PIN Token in advance of your application is not an obligation, however PIN itself can be utilised upon acceptance of your project to our ecosystem as a value add. We will airdrop a project-specific amount of $PIN to the project founder, of which can be used to reward your users/customers and drive further spend.

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Why should my business or project incorporate PIN Payments?

How much PIN Payments can do for your project is dependent on volume, and the hunger of the project client base to utilise crypto payments. Here are a few reasons as to how PIN Payments could potentially help your project with payment accessibility:

  • Enables your business to accept cryptocurrency.
  • Secured payments processing.
  • Zero gas fees.
  • Increased speed of settlement.
  • Low transaction cost.
  • Make your products more accessible to different users.
  • Keeps your business current with blockchain advances.

PIN Payments opens your business up to more payment options at a fraction of existing cryptocurrency payment gateways or plugins. Being able to accept cryptocurrency and offer your customers a faster, more secure payment gateway, allows you to cost-effectively expand your project in terms of greater accessibility, and potential reach.

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What are you waiting for?

Apply now to see how PIN Payments can level-up your payments acceptance game, and further reward both your project and its customers.