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PIN Payments

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The PIN Network offers a variety of payment options to its users, with the goal of providing maximum flexibility and convenience to both customers and merchants. These options cater to the diverse needs of users and businesses and make it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrency in their everyday transactions. Some of the payment options offered by the PIN Network include:

POS Integrations

Pay It Now has integrated its payment option into four Point of Sale providers: Sipo PoS, Todays Software (Pos Perfect), Lightspeed X and Salespoint) and is now working on a Shopify App.


PIN QR allows businesses to receive payments in cryptocurrency by displaying a QR code on the counter. Customers can make payments by scanning the code on the PIN app, entering the amount owed, and confirming the payment. This enables merchants to receive crypto payments in an easy and efficient manner.


Generate powered by PIN allows any business with a Shopify website to accept cryptocurrency payments via the PIN Network. The integration process is straightforward and can be done by the merchant's IT team or by the PIN team on their behalf.

PIN Click

Click enables merchants to easily receive payments by placing a button or a link on their website, email or any other form of digital communication.

PIN Payments

For retailers, business/website owners and their customers, PIN Payments gateway further extends payment options, allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrency. The PIN Payments gateway provides a secure blockchain payment solution, giving businesses and projects the ability to take their business to the blockchain - via layer 2 technology.

Provide your customer base the ability to pay with crypto online, utilising the PIN Payments gateway for a faster, more cost effective, blockchain-secured checkout. $PIN tokenomics allow for a portion of the transaction fees to be automatically distributed, for each individual transaction, directly to the business/website owner - at no additional cost. PIN Payments can be utilized to collect transaction fees in this manner, as layer 2 is gas-free - providing a “blank canvas” payment merchant model for owners to then build out their own fee matrix, whilst staying competitive.